Amber Fog Cinema Questions and Answers

Q: Cinema does not download trailers. What is wrong?

A: Cinema uses default internet connection on your PC. This connection can be set up in Control Panel -> Internet Settings. This settings dialog can also be accessed from Internet Explorer settings: on the "Connection" Tab and "Lan Settings" option. If your Internet Explorer can connect, so will Cinema.

Q: Cinema does not download trailers automatically. What is wrong?

A: By default, Cinema is set up to download new trailers only per user's request. For automatic downloads, please, select "Settings" in Cinema window and on the "Downloads" tab, select "Automatic Downloads of movie details and trailers" in the top drop-down list. Check also other settings in the "Automatic Download" group to make sure that your downloads get scheduled as you wish.

Q: Screensaver does not display the weather. How to set it up?

A: By default, Cinema does not know your location, which is why the weather is not shown.
See this page for instructions on how to set up Cinema for displaying weather.

Q: How to move the folder with trailers to other location (disk)?

A: If not set up otherwise, Cinema downloads new trailers into default user's folder, typically it is C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Amber Fog\Cinema\. You can change this location to any other path you want, however the trailers which were downloaded previously, will not be automatically moved to the new location. In order to move trailers manually, move Trailers folder from the default folder (above) into the new folder.

For example, you want to move your trailers collection into D:\Cinema\, move Trailers folder from C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Amber Fog\Cinema\ into D:\Cinema\ folder. Then change path in the Loader settings to D:\Cinema\ and re-start Cinema.

Q: I like a trailer very much. How to protect it from being deleted by newer trailers?

A: Double-click the trailer you like in Cinema window, then check "Disable automatic removal for this trailer". Later, you can uncheck this setting and the trailer will be eventually replaced by a newer trailer.

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