Amber Fog Cinema Version Info


  • A fix for a major bug, which leads to application crash when the list of actors in a movie is too big.


  • A few more minor fixes (antialiased lines in the weather forecast, improved links appearance in the about and trailer info pages.


  • A quick change in URLs, -->, so that trailers will now get loaded again properly.


  • Apple started checking the User Agent field in HTTP requests, so trailers stopped downloading properly. This version includes a quick fix for that.

    You might notice that recently some trailers could not be played in QuickTime player and QuickTime complained with an error message like "this movie is something that the Quick Time Player cannot recognize".

    For these movies, please, do the following: double click on a movie, click "Remove Trailer", then click "Download Trailer" again, finally select "Update Now" in the main Loader Window. Trailers will now be reloaded properly.


  • Movie synopsis is now downloaded and displayed properly.
  • Automatic upgrades to newer Cinema versions are now possible.
  • A few small fixes to prevent memory leaks.


This was a first officially available release of amber fog cinema.

Amber Fog, 2009-2010
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