How to display weather in Cinema screensaver?

Please, follow the steps below to set up and show the weather.
In the next versions, I hope to make it more user-friendly,
but at the moment it is mostly manual.

1. Open Weather@Yahoo site in your internet browser.
2. Type in your zip code or city into the search field as illustrated below:

3. Select your location from the list of suggested locations, example is below:

4. Now you shall see the current weather in your location, something like below. Choose Fahrenheit ot Celsius, as you prefer:

5. On the right side of the page, click the right button on the orange box with "RSS" label and copy the link from that button, it shall be something like The USIL0225 from this URL will be different for you (it is the location id), but overall, it shall look similar.

6. Copy the url which you have got from the yahoo page into "Weather URL" setting in Cinema setup dialog. Ok, now it's done.

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