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We do cool things for fun



Here are some of the projects that we created for fun. It is not or main job or business.
Some of the projects make money some not. But we love them anyway.

Other projects

Yes, we have it. If some of the project not listed here - it seems that we were too lazy to prepare images and descriptions and publish it here. We are working on it:) For the mean time take a look at awesome Screensavers, Cinema Trailers and Boar Foreteller.

What we can

We do code

At some point of time the actual technology does not matter. We like to solve complex tasks. In real life we work or used to work for huge companies like Motorola, Yota, Yandex. We developed awesome projects like Motorola RAZR, dual screen Android phone Yotaphone with EInk and cross platform video streaming service Play.


We do mobile more than 10 years. Java ME, Doja, Windows Mobile, iOS. We started working on Android in 2007.


Almost every project needs a server side. We love AppEngine, Amazon. Sometimes we develop VPS solutions.


Yes, we code for desktop. From simple python parser to complex win32 synchronization software or video encoder.


Meet The Team

We are team of talented engineers and friends. Some of us work together on different projects not connected with Amberfog. We like code, technologies and fun.



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We like to create things with fun, open-minded people. Feel free to say hello! We'll respond as soon as possible.