Amber Fog Screensavers

These screensavers automatically download new photos or videos and show them one after another.

How do I install them?

Each screensaver is a single .scr file, so you just have to save it to the Windows/System32 directory, the default place for all screensavers. Only Windows (XP and newer) are supported, sorry about that, Mac and Linux users.

Important note:

On most PCs, the browser is typically unable to save downloaded files to the system32 directory, due to security rules. In this case, download the screensaver to some other folder, where you can, and after that copy the screensaver file to Windows/System32.

Amberfog Trains

This screensavers takes photos from a great site of railroad fans, In the screensaver settings you can choose one of the following categories (click to open the site with that category):

Amberfog Airliners

For you, aircraft spotters! The photos are downloaded from the famous sky lovers' site, Five categories are available for you in the screensaver:

Amberfog Astronomy

Beautiful photos of our universe, night sky and galaxies far-far-away. The photos are downloaded from the site Astronomy Picture of the Day, with daily updates.


If you have a question, do not hesitate to send me an email to, or you may want to take a look at the list of most frequent questions and answers below:
  • How much network traffic does it consume?

    The average traffic data are specified in the screensaver's settings dialog, so you may want to take a look there, because it depends very much on the photo category you have selected. Some categories are rarely updated with new photos, others may change the whole collection within 24 hours. Rare updates usually mean better quality, although frequent updates have the benefit of more recent photos.

  • How much disk space does it consume?

    The gallery size for all screensavers is limited to 100 photos, although the screensaver starts from 20. The average photo size for trains is about 400K, for airliners - about 600K, so the total gallery size may take up to 40..60M of disk space. Astronomy pictures are very different in size (from 100K to 5M), so it's hard to predict.

  • Where does it keep all photos?

    The photos are stored in your home directory, such as "My Documents/My Pictures/Amber Fog".

  • Why some screensaver filenames are ending with .sCr, not .scr?

    This is done intentionally, with .sCr extensions these screensavers can use OpenGL API on Intel chipsets. For some unknown reasons, Intel prohibits using HW OpenGL accelerators in screensavers, and Intel's driver checks if an application is a screensaver by simple extension comparison to .SCR or to .scr. If that is not the case, Intel's drivers allows using OpenGL acceleration which is what we need.

  • The screensaver shows that there is a newer version. How do I upgrade?

    Just download the newer version from this page and overwrite the old screensaver with the new one.

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